Ballet Flats: Bloch

One of my favourite shoe brands is Bloch, the same brand that make ballet shoes, etc. I discovered them a couple of years ago by accident and ordered a pair that were in the sale. They quickly became my favourite, most comfortable pair of shoes and I have since bought a couple more pairs which I virtually live in.

There are a few styles of Bloch flats and each comes in a wide variety of colours; so far only one style really fits me well so I tend to stick to those. The great thing is that whilst they are elasticated pumps, the shoes themselves are really narrow anyway so the elastic isn’t really strong and doesn’t dig into your heels like it can with other, ruched styles.

Bloch shoes are real leather and have a suede-like inside so it’s like putting your foot into cotton wool when you get a brand new pair. They also come in loads of sizes as they do half sizes on European sizes. For instance, I usually wear a 40 but with these I can take a 39.5 🙂

Here’s a picture of the style I love, in a colour that’s new for this season:

Bloch Rose St Laurent Luxury Ballet Flat Shoes, £130

Bloch Rose St Laurent Luxury Ballet Flat Shoes, £130

These beauties are available on the Bloch website, They are a bit pricey but I personally think that for the comfort they provide, they are really worth it. Plus they’re flat and if you’re anything like me, that means you’ll wear them loads so the price per wear becomes much more reasonable.

If you have any suggestions for narrow, flat shoes just let me know! x


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