Slipper Shoes: Dune

OMG I am sooooooooooo excited!

I was window shopping on the Dune website earlier and I came across a pair of slipper shoes with elasticated sides! I haven’t seen these in my local store yet to do a fit test but I usually find Dune shoes err on the narrow side so I expect they will fit.

These are currently available on the website in black but it looks like Dalmation print and a dark maroon type colour will be coming soon. I’m holding out for the Dalmation print, I can see those going with EVERYTHING and becoming my staple winter shoe. They’ll also complement a pair of Dune ankle boots I bought recently rather nicely too 🙂

Dune Mexxys, £59

Dune Mexxys, £59

If anyone gets their hands on a pair, I’d love to know how they fit! x


Pointed Courts: H&M

I told you I’d branch out beyond flat shoes and here I am, I’m doing it right now! Last week I was mooching through town on my way home from work when I thought I’d pop in to H&M. Whilst I was in there, I just so happened to spot these bad boys:

New Picture (17)

H&M Court Shoes with Rivets, £29.99

I didn’t expect them to fit properly but I thought that with the strap to hold them on, I might as well try them out. As it happened, they didn’t have any in my size, 7 / 40 so I tried on the 6 / 39 just in case they came up big. Well, I was pleasantly surprised 🙂 They fit really well around the front of the foot, not too wide at all. They were a tiny bit loose in the heel but that was counter balanced by the strap. The only problem for me is that I have 1 toe on my right foot which hits the edge of pointed shoes when I try and squeeze into a pair that are slightly too small. So, if your feet are slightly bigger than one size but small for the next one up, I’d say you should definitely give these a try. They are bang on trend, budget friendly and actually, one of the best quality pairs of shoes I’ve seen in this price range for a while.

Here’s my sneaky shot trying them on in the shop:


Let me know if you find any good narrow purchases on the high street! x