Trainers: Adidas


For ages now I have been trying to find some hi-top style trainers that fit me well. I’ve ordered numerous pairs which just haven’t fitted, including a pair of Nikes that I wore out and about only to find that I needed loads of inner soles and still they were huge. However, last weekend I went to Berlin with my dad and I really wanted a pair of shoes that would be comfy enough to walk in all day whilst also looking good. I found them in Schuh, here they are:

Adidas Honey Hook Trainers, £57

Adidas Honey Hook Trainers, £57

I picked my pair in the burgundy colour and I LOVE them! As you can see in the picture, I don’t need to pull the laces so tight that the two sides of the shoes are touching each other in the middle and I’m wearing them without inner soles.

The shoes are fleece lined and because they are suede, the hi-top is soft enough that it doesn’t hurt the back of your heel / leg as you walk. I successfully survived 2 whole days on my feet in these and they were really comfy. For just £57 I think these are a real bargain and great for narrow feet. The lady who served me in Schuh even said that Adidas are often narrower than other trainer brands. WINNER! x


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