Barefoot Monday, A Review

Hello, hello!

I am so far behind on narrow-shoe based posts, it’s unreal! I’ll start my catch up now with a review of a site that to me is newly discovered; Barefoot Monday. A couple of months ago I got a bit extreme with my Googling and came across this site. It sounds similar to Shoes of Prey or Upper Street, but slightly cheaper and less customisable. In essence, it seems to be a site where you can order fashionable shoes in a narrow width if you’re feet are that way inclined.

I umm-ed and aah-ed for a couple of weeks and then finally decided to take the plunge and order a pair of black suede court shoes. I spent £132 on my order and received a lovely email afterwards, telling me that my shoes would be made to order and would take a couple of weeks to arrive.

A couple of weeks later I received an email to say my shoes would be an extra week late. Then I heard nothing for a couple of weeks. A month had passed since I placed my order, my emails went un-responded and so did my Tweet. Then out of the blue one day, my shoes arrived and this is what I received:

The Outer Box Packaging - Shipped in from overseas, hence the delay

The Outer Box Packaging – Shipped in from overseas, hence the delay

Great Packaging - a lovely box for storing the shoes

Great Packaging – a lovely box for storing the shoes

The Shoes

The Shoes

The Soles

The Soles

As you can see, they’re going for the faux-Louboutin look with the bright red soles! Despite the promising box packaging, the shoes themselves were rather disappointing. The inside of the heels, (the heel area of the foot, not the stiletto) was very rough to the touch and dug right in to my foot. The toe box was high and left a huge gap between the shoe and my foot, just like cheap high street shoes and the suede was unevenly coloured. One shoe especially looked like it had been battered around a bit. I’m not even sure they definitely were real suede because they felt like the sort of “suede” you’d find in Primark or New Look.

A month I waited and the shoes didn’t really fit and weren’t the sort of quality you’d expect for that money. What a disappointment. The only positive was that they were narrow enough in the heel to stay on my feet so that’s given me the drive to try a more expensive pair from a more reputable brand. Well, I’ll try and do that but I haven’t yet got a refund for these so I’ll wait with baited breath to see just how much of a mistake it was.

So there you have it, a brand to avoid! Coming soon are some more successful shoe purchases including a much more budget-friendly Tesco pair 🙂

Happy shopping, shoe lovers!


2 thoughts on “Barefoot Monday, A Review

  1. Thanks for sharing this honest review. I really don’t know what to feel about shoe manufacturers going for the fake Louboutin look. It seems like they can’t think of anything unique to sell?

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