T-Bar Courts: Tesco

I promised I’d add a post about some bargainous Tesco shoes I found the other day and here it is!

I was just mooching around my local store the other day when I spotted that they had a completely new range of shoes in, so the only decent thing I could do was check them all out. Whaddya know, I found a pair of narrow-friendly shoesies 🙂

F&F T-Bar Rounded Toe Court Shoes, £20, Tesco

F&F T-Bar Rounded Toe Court Shoes, £20, Tesco

Snakey detail on the back

Snakey detail on the back

These are part of the sensitive sole range and as well as the nude colour I have here, there was a black option in my local store; they’re both available online too.

I LOVE these shoes for a cheap, bargain pair.

The padded soles make them genuinely comfortable which instantly beats all other nude shoes I’ve ever tried on or owned and the t-bar means they stay on even narrow feet.

Fit-wise, I found the toe-box was actually quite narrow so I didn’t have much gaping at the sides as I bent my foot. However, what I do have is a gap between the top of my foot and the shoe, under the t-bar. I find this to be a common problem for me but in this instance, the gap is really not very noticeable except when looking directly down at my feet so the comfort won over that. I will need to add an extra hole to the strap for my narrowest foot but again, I’m pretty used to this by now.

While these aren’t “narrow” shoes per se, I reckon that anyone with just slightly narrow feet will love them, especially those who mainly have narrow heels which slip out of shoes when they walk. At £20 a pair, they’re definitely worth a bash and they don’t look cheap when they’re on so I suggest you all hot-foot it down to Tesco, pronto!

Coming up soon, I have another lovely pair of t-bars to show you and a review of some narrow-width brogues 🙂 x


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