Babycham Shoes

Hello, hello!

I recently posted that I had another lovely pair of t-bar shoes to share with you and today is the day that I will do just that! The shoes I’ll show you are Babycham shoes and although I’d heard of the brand, I’d never owned any of their shoes. Then I was browsing the House of Fraser website and spotted a pair that I fell in love with and decided to dig a bit deeper.

To me, Babycham is a slightly more reserved version of Irregular Choice, with the huge bonus that they make their shoes much narrower than the IC beauties I can never wear. Here’s the shoe I fell in love with:

Babycham, Kimberly Rose

Babycham, Kimberly Rose

The Kimberly Rose design is from a previous season so it’s not available on the Babycham site but if you give it a Google, you’ll find various sizes still available from various vendors and they’re so worth it. I received loads of compliments when I first wore my pair 🙂 Currently on their website, Babycham have two t-bar designs and this one is one I absolutely love:

Babycham Kimberly Stripe, £60,

Babycham Kimberly Stripe, £60,

There’s just something about this bold, girly, nautical shoe that makes me smile. Eye catching but elegant at the same time. Fit-wise, I found this Kimberly style to be perfectly narrow across the front and then I added one extra hole into the strap to make it slightly tighter further up the foot.

I wore mine for a whole day and spent a reasonable amount of time on my feet and they were really comfortable. The heel isn’t too high and because it’s a bit chunky, these shoes are very easy to walk in. So all in all, this is my latest brand crush and I wanted to share with all of you narrow footed lovelies in case it’s been hanging just off your radar as well…you’re missing out!

Happy shopping x


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