Jones Bootmaker: Amelia Court Shoes

Hello, hello!

So, a rare thing happened to me in a shoe shop the other week; I picked up a pair of shoes and asked to try them on, only for the shop assistant to warn me that people were having trouble with that style due to how narrow it comes up. Cha-ching! Well, that’s an ultimate win for me!!!

The style in question is Jones’ Amelia Court Shoes:

Jones Bootmaker, Amelia Court Shoes, £65

Jones Bootmaker, Amelia Court Shoes, £65

They might look a little bit plain to you but I was out shopping for something just a bit smarter than your average ballet flat, that I could wear to meetings but also traipse around London in so they’re just the ticket for me. These ones are black suede but they also come in a red, a turquoise-blue and a neutral/nude colour.

The thing about them is that the button on the strap doesn’t actually undo, you have to slide your foot it around it and it’s pretty rigidly held in place by some strong elastic. Even for me, they were a smidge tricky to get on but once they were on, they were perfect. I have no gape below the strap, no gap between my toes and the shoe and my heel is firmly wedged in the back. Even without the strap, I think these shoes might just stay on my feet. Ideal! Such a practical heel height too. I’ve yet to properly put them to the test but I’m feeling so positive that I thought I’d share with you all, just in case someone is looking for something similar.

What a great, narrow choice! Thank you, Jones!!!

Happy shopping, everyone x


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