Asda: Tan Leather Chelsea Boots

Oh-em-geeeeeeee! I have just snapped up a mega bargain down at Asda in my lunch break. I’m so happy with what I found that I’m sharing right now, so you can also hot-foot it to your local store.



Soft Sole Leather Chelsea Boots, £30, Asda

I popped in to Asda for my lunch as I often do and ran my periodic scan of their clothing section and spotted these bad boys!

At first touch I thought, “blimey, this PU feels incredibly soft like a really nice leather”. Then I saw the leather label and realised that Asda have brought in some absolute corkers of boots here. At just £30, these are amazing – they look and feel incredible.

Uh oh, though – they didn’t have my size. Loads of pairs of size 6 but no 6.5. Drat! Luckily for me, I tried on the 6 and they fit like a glove. Therein lies the bonus for those of us with narrow feet, we get the narrower width of a size down on an already narrow boot and we don’t even have to squash our toes in.

They have just a couple of sizes left online but my local store had a much bigger selection, so I highly recommend getting down there and hunting these down. Stylish, bargainous and NARROW! Get in there! x


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