Floral Ankle Boots

Hello and happy festive season! Less than a week to go until the big day, but if you want to get your hands on my latest love, you should be able to do so in time for Christmas.

These little gems were a completely whimsical purchase from a site that I rarely go on, (because I’m just a little bit old these days) but I LOVE them and I’ve already had them complimented too.

These little beauties are from and cost a mere £35! If you fancy a pair of your very own, you can get your hands on them here. Size availability looks good for these, or alternatively they do have a couple of other styles of floral ankle boot too.

Mine aren’t quite as full on with the pattern as the pictured pair are but I quite like that, it makes me feel like I can wear them with more things without looking so OTT.

As for fit, I often find that cheaper shoes come up wide but these fit pretty well with a standard pair of socks underneath. The toe box / front of the foot is comfortably snug and the heel doesn’t slip excessively as you can find with many shoes if you’re narrow-footed.

If you’re at all tempted by them, I highly recommend you nab a pair of these statement boots for your wardrobe right now. Do it!

Happy (Christmas) shopping! x