H&M: Mid-Heel Courts

Hello again!

In my last post, I promised you there would be second pair of H&M shoes under review in the very near future and I wasn’t wrong.

Check out these beauties:


H&M Glittery-heel Court Shoes, £24.99

I spotted these online the other week and rather optimistically thought that the elastic at the front might symbolise a narrow-friendly pair of mid-heel courts. I bloomin’ love the glittery heels too, so I really was hopeful!

Unfortunately, while the elastic at the front made them super snug around the toe region, I had a few issues at the back – you can watch the video here.

So, if you are narrow at the front with a normal heel, these could be a great choice for you, or if you are a fan of heel grips that you stick in the back of the shoe, that might help. Personally, I’m on the hunt for something that fits just a little bit better than that so I’ll keep looking.

Happy shopping, fellow shoe lovers! x


H&M: Ballet Flats

Hello and a super stonking, but slightly belated Happy New Year to you all!

With new season stock coming into the shops over the next few weeks, I plan to spend a good deal of my time trying out the various shoes out there to find the ones that are narrow friendly. I’ve started my search with a little order from H&M, as I noticed they had some rather lovely new shoes in.

The first pair I will present to you are some slightly rock-chick ballet flats which don’t quite hit the mark for me, but which might be perfect for one of you lovely readers.

Here they are:


H&M Ballet Flats, £12.99

They also come in the traditional ballet shoe blush colour and you can purchase them here.

I think they look great and I’m sure you can tell that the elastic is why I thought they might be a pair for the narrow footed among the population. Unfortunately, while the elastic does stop my feet slipping out, the elastic itself is a bit baggy and the shoes a bit wide. I’ve taken a couple more pics to try and show you what I mean:

I really like these shoes and they’re certainly great for the money, but they’re not going to solve the woes of those of us with narrow feet. If you’re just a smidge on the narrow side, as in most high street shoes stay on, providing you pick the right style, these might be a good option.

Lovely for normal feet but probably worth a miss if you’re a bit skinny down the bottom!

Another review for some new H&M shoes is coming soon. Until then, happy shopping x