Firetrap: Cutie Canvas Trainers

Hey folks!

Just a quick one today as I’ve had a little success 🙂

I’ve been on the hunt for a comfortable pair of basic pumps / plimsolls since last summer. My previous pair have been so well worn for summer dog walking that they just aren’t acceptable for public consumption any more! I’ve bought numerous pairs but all of them have failed the comfort test once I’ve done more than walk around my bedroom for a few minutes. Until now!

I’ve found these bargainous Firetrap beauties online for a mere £12.99 and you can even get them in baby pink, baby blue or black instead of the white I have gone for and they are fab.


Firetrap, Cutie Canvas Trainers, £12.99,

I think the key for narrow feet is having the laces run most of the way down the foot; it allows you so many more options for securing a snug fit exactly where you need it. They probably won’t last a hugely long time before they start to look a bit tatty, but at that price it’s really not a big problem if you have to buy a second pair. (Maybe do that, just in case they sell out!)

These, combined with the sunshine and blue skies of today have made me a very happy camper. Until next time… x


3 thoughts on “Firetrap: Cutie Canvas Trainers

  1. Hello, Glad I found your blog. Don’t know too many girls my age that have narrow feet. I’m a 30 yr old too from USA with a AA narrow foot. I totally agree with you about not having alot of choices when it comes to shoes and most of the narrows look granny. My first pair of narrow shoes were from SAS and my grandma had the same kind of slip on, she had narrow feet too. I’m always on amazon looking for shoes. Most stores do not have narrows in the store its always online. Sometimes there’s some at Nordstrom Rack. I try and find shoes that are true narrows because I get foot cramps with medium sized shoes.

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