Floral Ankle Boots

Hello and happy festive season! Less than a week to go until the big day, but if you want to get your hands on my latest love, you should be able to do so in time for Christmas.

These little gems were a completely whimsical purchase from a site that I rarely go on, (because I’m just a little bit old these days) but I LOVE them and I’ve already had them complimented too.

These little beauties are from and cost a mere £35! If you fancy a pair of your very own, you can get your hands on them here. Size availability looks good for these, or alternatively they do have a couple of other styles of floral ankle boot too.

Mine aren’t quite as full on with the pattern as the pictured pair are but I quite like that, it makes me feel like I can wear them with more things without looking so OTT.

As for fit, I often find that cheaper shoes come up wide but these fit pretty well with a standard pair of socks underneath. The toe box / front of the foot is comfortably snug and the heel doesn’t slip excessively as you can find with many shoes if you’re narrow-footed.

If you’re at all tempted by them, I highly recommend you nab a pair of these statement boots for your wardrobe right now. Do it!

Happy (Christmas) shopping! x


Asda: Tan Leather Chelsea Boots

Oh-em-geeeeeeee! I have just snapped up a mega bargain down at Asda in my lunch break. I’m so happy with what I found that I’m sharing right now, so you can also hot-foot it to your local store.



Soft Sole Leather Chelsea Boots, £30, Asda

I popped in to Asda for my lunch as I often do and ran my periodic scan of their clothing section and spotted these bad boys!

At first touch I thought, “blimey, this PU feels incredibly soft like a really nice leather”. Then I saw the leather label and realised that Asda have brought in some absolute corkers of boots here. At just £30, these are amazing – they look and feel incredible.

Uh oh, though – they didn’t have my size. Loads of pairs of size 6 but no 6.5. Drat! Luckily for me, I tried on the 6 and they fit like a glove. Therein lies the bonus for those of us with narrow feet, we get the narrower width of a size down on an already narrow boot and we don’t even have to squash our toes in.

They have just a couple of sizes left online but my local store had a much bigger selection, so I highly recommend getting down there and hunting these down. Stylish, bargainous and NARROW! Get in there! x

Marks & Spencer: Block Heel Knee High Boots


Long time no speak from me I’m afraid. I haven’t stopped buying shoes but I have been severely lacking in time for blogging; a recent comment on this blog has re-inspired me to get back on it though.

A  very recent purchase from me is a pair of gorgeous M&S knee high faux suede boots. I love M&S shoes; I tend to find that if they have straps or if they’re boots they stay on my feet well. My heels are my real problem but I can get gaping in the toe area from the wrong shoes, this doesn’t seem to be an issue with M&S and these boots are no exception.

These are a lovely, snug fit around the front of the foot and pretty narrow around the heel too. Plus, being boots, use narrow footed people are in our element and able to pad our feet out with socks if needed!

At just under £50, I think these boots are a steal. They will go with pretty much everything I own and I just know I’m going to wear the heck out of them.

I’m also on the hunt for some decent grey boots, so if anyone spots any, please shout!

Happy shopping! x

Narrow Brand: Duo

If you’ve ever tried to search the UK market for narrow shoes, you’ll have noticed that specifically made narrow shoes are in short supply as we’ve few brands retailing them.

However, the best brand I have found so far for producing narrow fit yet stylish shoes is Duo. The prices are high but you’re getting good quality materials and in reality the prices aren’t hugely different from brands such as Dune.

Here are a few pairs from their current collection to whet your appetite and inspire you. If you want to shop their website, you’ll find all of these shoes come in Narrow, Standard and Wide widths. Find them here.

Malin, £110, Duo - also available in navy or blue

Malin, £110, Duo – also available in navy or blue

Beatrix, £110, Duo - also available in navy

Beatrix, £110, Duo – also available in navy

Brando, £110, Duo - also available in brown and a variety of black leathers

Brando, £110, Duo – also available in brown and a variety of black leathers

I’ve not yet bought from Duo but have been told by a reader that their narrow width worked for them and as soon as I’m back on the hunt for a decent pair of shoes to last, I’m likely going to order from here. They do also have sales at the usual times of year so you might find you’re able to pick up a bit of a bargain to make them more affordable if you’re on a budget. Happy shopping! x