Acne Studios: Black Courts

Hello all and happy Monday my fair-footed friends!

Apologies for the slight hiatus recently, I’ve been busy strutting my stuff on stage and suchlike and almost ran out of time for shoe shopping. I am back on it now though and boy do I have some luxury for you.

Arrived today, I have the most comfortable, made-for-my-feet pair of black court shoes I have ever tried on. AND…and…they don’t even have any straps, they are NOT mary-janes!

They’re from Acne Studios and while they aren’t cheap, I’m definitely keeping them because I’m so happy and in love!

My pair look like this:

Mine were a total bargain from; they’ve got loads of sizes of these in black suede and while still pricey, they’re hugely cheaper than usual at £148.50. I’d never be able to afford these at full price but at that price, I can stretch 🙂

If you want more options and have a bigger budget, they’re selling them in two other colours on the Acne Studios website right now. You can pick these gorgeous Babet shoes up for £370 usually:

All I can say is they are incredible! I can even jump, (carefully, so as not to snap the heel) in them. The elastic grips the foot wonderfully without digging in, the suede is super soft and the toe box is for me, the perfect shape and leaves no gaping above the toes. I’ve never been so excited about a pair of black court shoes. That’s the other thing though, they’re such a staple, classic shoe that you know you’ll wear them enough to get the price per wear down to something you can stomach.

If you have the money, I highly recommend checking these out for some go-to courts. Love, love, love! x

George at Asda: Block Heel Courts

Hello my fellow narrow footers and happy Friday!

Just a quick post for a pair of super smart courts, perfect for work, that I spotted in my local Asda.

You can pick these beauties up for a mere £16 and they’re pretty good narrow foot wise. The strap kept the shoe on my foot without adding any extra holes, though I did find them ever so slightly short in the length – but I find that quite frequently so I suspect that’s my feet, not the shoes!


Asda, Block Courts, £16

There’s good availability online, if they don’t have your size in store and the croc heel is a great touch. They really do not look like supermarket shoes.

Happy shopping, my lovelies!


Clarks: Grace Isla Court Heels

Before I start this post, I will just let you know that I haven’t had a chance to get in store and try these on but I spotted them online and I think they look amazing. Plus, there is so far only 1 review of this shoe and the reviewer says that they are so comfy it’s like wearing slippers. Sounds good to me!

When you look at these pictures, you’ll probably think that review sounds pretty accurate too; I certainly looked at them and thought I needed to find a space in my wardrobe for that level of comfort.

These super comfy looking shoes are part of the new season collection from Clarks*. They’re called Grace Isla and come in the 3 colours shown. My personal favourite the bottom colour, dusky pink. I think this will be incredibly versatile in the summer. They’re made of real leather and retail at £70. Plenty of stock online at the moment and you can find them here.

The elastic in the front and the tie in the middle suggest that these will stay on the foot nicely. Typically, I have found Clarks shoes to be reasonably narrow around the front, so these are most definitely on my hit list!

If anyone has tried these, I would love to know. Otherwise, I’ll update this if I get so lucky as to buy a pair.

Happy walking! x

*Images taken from the Clarks website

H&M: Mid-Heel Courts

Hello again!

In my last post, I promised you there would be second pair of H&M shoes under review in the very near future and I wasn’t wrong.

Check out these beauties:


H&M Glittery-heel Court Shoes, £24.99

I spotted these online the other week and rather optimistically thought that the elastic at the front might symbolise a narrow-friendly pair of mid-heel courts. I bloomin’ love the glittery heels too, so I really was hopeful!

Unfortunately, while the elastic at the front made them super snug around the toe region, I had a few issues at the back – you can watch the video here.

So, if you are narrow at the front with a normal heel, these could be a great choice for you, or if you are a fan of heel grips that you stick in the back of the shoe, that might help. Personally, I’m on the hunt for something that fits just a little bit better than that so I’ll keep looking.

Happy shopping, fellow shoe lovers! x

Jones Bootmaker: Amelia Court Shoes

Hello, hello!

So, a rare thing happened to me in a shoe shop the other week; I picked up a pair of shoes and asked to try them on, only for the shop assistant to warn me that people were having trouble with that style due to how narrow it comes up. Cha-ching! Well, that’s an ultimate win for me!!!

The style in question is Jones’ Amelia Court Shoes:

Jones Bootmaker, Amelia Court Shoes, £65

Jones Bootmaker, Amelia Court Shoes, £65

They might look a little bit plain to you but I was out shopping for something just a bit smarter than your average ballet flat, that I could wear to meetings but also traipse around London in so they’re just the ticket for me. These ones are black suede but they also come in a red, a turquoise-blue and a neutral/nude colour.

The thing about them is that the button on the strap doesn’t actually undo, you have to slide your foot it around it and it’s pretty rigidly held in place by some strong elastic. Even for me, they were a smidge tricky to get on but once they were on, they were perfect. I have no gape below the strap, no gap between my toes and the shoe and my heel is firmly wedged in the back. Even without the strap, I think these shoes might just stay on my feet. Ideal! Such a practical heel height too. I’ve yet to properly put them to the test but I’m feeling so positive that I thought I’d share with you all, just in case someone is looking for something similar.

What a great, narrow choice! Thank you, Jones!!!

Happy shopping, everyone x

Babycham Shoes

Hello, hello!

I recently posted that I had another lovely pair of t-bar shoes to share with you and today is the day that I will do just that! The shoes I’ll show you are Babycham shoes and although I’d heard of the brand, I’d never owned any of their shoes. Then I was browsing the House of Fraser website and spotted a pair that I fell in love with and decided to dig a bit deeper.

To me, Babycham is a slightly more reserved version of Irregular Choice, with the huge bonus that they make their shoes much narrower than the IC beauties I can never wear. Here’s the shoe I fell in love with:

Babycham, Kimberly Rose

Babycham, Kimberly Rose

The Kimberly Rose design is from a previous season so it’s not available on the Babycham site but if you give it a Google, you’ll find various sizes still available from various vendors and they’re so worth it. I received loads of compliments when I first wore my pair 🙂 Currently on their website, Babycham have two t-bar designs and this one is one I absolutely love:

Babycham Kimberly Stripe, £60,

Babycham Kimberly Stripe, £60,

There’s just something about this bold, girly, nautical shoe that makes me smile. Eye catching but elegant at the same time. Fit-wise, I found this Kimberly style to be perfectly narrow across the front and then I added one extra hole into the strap to make it slightly tighter further up the foot.

I wore mine for a whole day and spent a reasonable amount of time on my feet and they were really comfortable. The heel isn’t too high and because it’s a bit chunky, these shoes are very easy to walk in. So all in all, this is my latest brand crush and I wanted to share with all of you narrow footed lovelies in case it’s been hanging just off your radar as well…you’re missing out!

Happy shopping x

T-Bar Courts: Tesco

I promised I’d add a post about some bargainous Tesco shoes I found the other day and here it is!

I was just mooching around my local store the other day when I spotted that they had a completely new range of shoes in, so the only decent thing I could do was check them all out. Whaddya know, I found a pair of narrow-friendly shoesies 🙂

F&F T-Bar Rounded Toe Court Shoes, £20, Tesco

F&F T-Bar Rounded Toe Court Shoes, £20, Tesco

Snakey detail on the back

Snakey detail on the back

These are part of the sensitive sole range and as well as the nude colour I have here, there was a black option in my local store; they’re both available online too.

I LOVE these shoes for a cheap, bargain pair.

The padded soles make them genuinely comfortable which instantly beats all other nude shoes I’ve ever tried on or owned and the t-bar means they stay on even narrow feet.

Fit-wise, I found the toe-box was actually quite narrow so I didn’t have much gaping at the sides as I bent my foot. However, what I do have is a gap between the top of my foot and the shoe, under the t-bar. I find this to be a common problem for me but in this instance, the gap is really not very noticeable except when looking directly down at my feet so the comfort won over that. I will need to add an extra hole to the strap for my narrowest foot but again, I’m pretty used to this by now.

While these aren’t “narrow” shoes per se, I reckon that anyone with just slightly narrow feet will love them, especially those who mainly have narrow heels which slip out of shoes when they walk. At £20 a pair, they’re definitely worth a bash and they don’t look cheap when they’re on so I suggest you all hot-foot it down to Tesco, pronto!

Coming up soon, I have another lovely pair of t-bars to show you and a review of some narrow-width brogues 🙂 x