Zara: Nude Courts

Hello again friends!

On days like today, what is there to do with your spare time other than browse the web, hey? The rain is pouring, it feels autumnal and the shops are starting to bring in their AW stock.

So, here’s a pair I’ve seen just in at Zara, these gorgeous, nude, mid-heel courts. I find Zara shoes are usually pretty narrow at the front and just need a strap to hold them in place, so hopefully these should be perfect for those narrow feet out there.

Zara Shoe

Zara Courts, £25.99

They’re at the usual Zara price point, so they’re pretty accessible for most people and will work equally well during the summer months. Why not snap them up now!?! You can find them here in sizes 2-8.

Happy shopping! x


New Look: Stud Strap Tie Up Ballet Pumps

Hello lovelies!

I hope your weeks haven’t been too manic and if they have, we’re nearly at the weekend now! I’ve been a bit quiet for a few days as I’ve been pretty busy, but rest assured that I haven’t stopped shoe shopping. I’ve tried a whole heap of shoes that didn’t fit very well and then eventually I’ve found some shoes that I am OBSESSED with!

New Look, Black Sateen Stud Strap Tie Up Pumps, £18.99

I’ve been looking out for a pair of ballet pumps with the tie up detail, which could also be worn without for those days when you need to keep it simple. These fit the bill perfectly and they’re ideal for narrow feet!

Here are the pro’s of these bad boys:

  • Price – who can complain when they’re less than £20!?!
  • Elastic Strap – it really holds the shoe on and actually fits, not one of these stupidly baggy decorative numbers
  • Ribbon – there’s only a tiny tab at the back of the shoe for the ribbon, so you can wear them with or without
  • Fit – I usually find New Look shoes incredibly wide, but these seem to have been cut from a completely different mould. They’re slim and there’s a slight elasticity to the top of the shoe too
  • Studs – I LOVE STUDS!

If you need any more reasons to buy them, go and try them on and you’ll see what I mean. I’m tempted to buy a second pair now, for when these wear out.

Buy, wear, love! x

George at Asda: Block Heel Courts

Hello my fellow narrow footers and happy Friday!

Just a quick post for a pair of super smart courts, perfect for work, that I spotted in my local Asda.

You can pick these beauties up for a mere £16 and they’re pretty good narrow foot wise. The strap kept the shoe on my foot without adding any extra holes, though I did find them ever so slightly short in the length – but I find that quite frequently so I suspect that’s my feet, not the shoes!


Asda, Block Courts, £16

There’s good availability online, if they don’t have your size in store and the croc heel is a great touch. They really do not look like supermarket shoes.

Happy shopping, my lovelies!


Jones Bootmaker: Amelia Court Shoes

Hello, hello!

So, a rare thing happened to me in a shoe shop the other week; I picked up a pair of shoes and asked to try them on, only for the shop assistant to warn me that people were having trouble with that style due to how narrow it comes up. Cha-ching! Well, that’s an ultimate win for me!!!

The style in question is Jones’ Amelia Court Shoes:

Jones Bootmaker, Amelia Court Shoes, £65

Jones Bootmaker, Amelia Court Shoes, £65

They might look a little bit plain to you but I was out shopping for something just a bit smarter than your average ballet flat, that I could wear to meetings but also traipse around London in so they’re just the ticket for me. These ones are black suede but they also come in a red, a turquoise-blue and a neutral/nude colour.

The thing about them is that the button on the strap doesn’t actually undo, you have to slide your foot it around it and it’s pretty rigidly held in place by some strong elastic. Even for me, they were a smidge tricky to get on but once they were on, they were perfect. I have no gape below the strap, no gap between my toes and the shoe and my heel is firmly wedged in the back. Even without the strap, I think these shoes might just stay on my feet. Ideal! Such a practical heel height too. I’ve yet to properly put them to the test but I’m feeling so positive that I thought I’d share with you all, just in case someone is looking for something similar.

What a great, narrow choice! Thank you, Jones!!!

Happy shopping, everyone x

Narrow Brand: Duo

If you’ve ever tried to search the UK market for narrow shoes, you’ll have noticed that specifically made narrow shoes are in short supply as we’ve few brands retailing them.

However, the best brand I have found so far for producing narrow fit yet stylish shoes is Duo. The prices are high but you’re getting good quality materials and in reality the prices aren’t hugely different from brands such as Dune.

Here are a few pairs from their current collection to whet your appetite and inspire you. If you want to shop their website, you’ll find all of these shoes come in Narrow, Standard and Wide widths. Find them here.

Malin, £110, Duo - also available in navy or blue

Malin, £110, Duo – also available in navy or blue

Beatrix, £110, Duo - also available in navy

Beatrix, £110, Duo – also available in navy

Brando, £110, Duo - also available in brown and a variety of black leathers

Brando, £110, Duo – also available in brown and a variety of black leathers

I’ve not yet bought from Duo but have been told by a reader that their narrow width worked for them and as soon as I’m back on the hunt for a decent pair of shoes to last, I’m likely going to order from here. They do also have sales at the usual times of year so you might find you’re able to pick up a bit of a bargain to make them more affordable if you’re on a budget. Happy shopping! x