Zara: Jewelled Nude Courts

Goooooood morning everyone and for those of you in the UK, sorry that it’s raining again! With all of the rain and so little sunshine, it’s no wonder I’ve turned to the AW collections in the shops for some inspiration.

What I’ve found though is a gorgeous pair of courts with a low enough heel to wear all day, that would be fabulous for weddings, christenings and the like as well as parties when that season comes round again.

Here they are:

Zara call these kitten heel, my wimpy feet would say mid-heel but either way, aren’t they great!?! They’re real leather and the jewelled straps are detachable. With narrow feet, it’s likely you’d want them on all the time but they’re so gorgeous, you’d have a hard job going out without them!

They come in a penny shy of sixty quid, at £59.99 and you can buy them here. As they’re new in, there are plenty of sizes available and you might also want to check out the range of flats Zara has in at the moment too, as loads of them strap onto the foot 🙂

Happy shopping! x


Autumn 2014, Narrow Shoe Selection


As you might have noticed, I had somewhat put this blog on the back-burner due to time constraints. However, I had a request come in on it’s sister blog, 20somethingfreak, asking for more posts on narrow shoes from someone who is in a desperate situation. Rather than bombard the blog with multiple posts, here are a few shoes that I’ve found in the shops right now that might help out a narrow-footed friend or two 🙂

First up, ballerinas!

Real Leather Elasticated Black Ballerina, £19.99, New Look
Real Leather Elasticated Black Ballerina, £19.99, New Look

I haven’t tried these pumps on myself but past experience with New Look elasticated pumps suggests these may be a smidgen snug in the length but should be shallow and narrow enough to stay on. If you want to shop online, you can find them here.

My second ballerina is also from New Look and these inject a bit of seasonal glamour into proceedings:

Dark Red Velvet Gem Front Pumps, £19.99, New Look
Dark Red Velvet Gem Front Pumps, £19.99, New Look

How cute!!! These are also available in black with black gems and providing your feet don’t find the elastic at the back too tight, I think these have the potential to be some of the comfiest, cutest pumps a narrow-footed belle on a budget could own. Shop them online here.

My third pair of ballerinas require a higher budget but I think they are so worth it if you can afford them. They come from Pretty Ballerinas, a brand well known for being worn by Kate Moss. Here they are:

Shirley Tartan Printed Poni, 219Euro / £175, Pretty Ballerinas
Shirley Tartan Printed Poni, 219Euro / £175, Pretty Ballerinas

Despite having stores in the UK, I can only find the Euros prices on their website. The sterling price is my rough conversion and this may actually be different if you place an order. They’ve got loads of great patterns in this style and you can shop their site here.

Now, courts! Courts are always the hardest shoes to find if you have narrow / shallow (or both) feet. They have a habit of slipping right off, gaping over the toes, gaping at sides when you bend your foot to walk and being just plain old uncomfortable. I struggle with this too but I’ve found a few pairs that might just help if you’re really in the market for a court this season. Here goes…

Gordon, £120, Carvela
Gordon, £120, Carvela

These seasonal beauties sure are eye catching and they’re also available in black. I’d highly recommend trying them on to be sure you can pull the laced part tight enough to hold your foot in place. To find them online, click here.

For something similar but a little more practical and a lot cheaper, try these:

Katrina, £49, Carvela
Katrina, £49, Carvela

Katrina is also available in navy and in my opinion, makes the perfect office to evening shoe. You can find her here.

My third and final court is one that I happened upon by pure chance; I was driving past Matalan and decided to pop in. I’m glad I did because look what I found:

T-Bar Point Court, £15.00, Matalan
T-Bar Point Court, £15.00, Matalan

I can tell you now that the picture does nothing for this shoe, in reality it leaps off the shelf at you. The cobalt blue is bang on trend and these are such a great example, with the chunky rounded heel. They’re usually £18 but are currently on offer and also come in a lime green colour. I tried them on and found that a size down fitted better as they’re quite generous in length. Definitely a budget friendly buy for this season. Shop them online here.

That’s probably enough shoes to investigate for now, next stop is boots! See you soon x

Pointed Courts: H&M

I told you I’d branch out beyond flat shoes and here I am, I’m doing it right now! Last week I was mooching through town on my way home from work when I thought I’d pop in to H&M. Whilst I was in there, I just so happened to spot these bad boys:

New Picture (17)

H&M Court Shoes with Rivets, £29.99

I didn’t expect them to fit properly but I thought that with the strap to hold them on, I might as well try them out. As it happened, they didn’t have any in my size, 7 / 40 so I tried on the 6 / 39 just in case they came up big. Well, I was pleasantly surprised 🙂 They fit really well around the front of the foot, not too wide at all. They were a tiny bit loose in the heel but that was counter balanced by the strap. The only problem for me is that I have 1 toe on my right foot which hits the edge of pointed shoes when I try and squeeze into a pair that are slightly too small. So, if your feet are slightly bigger than one size but small for the next one up, I’d say you should definitely give these a try. They are bang on trend, budget friendly and actually, one of the best quality pairs of shoes I’ve seen in this price range for a while.

Here’s my sneaky shot trying them on in the shop:


Let me know if you find any good narrow purchases on the high street! x