New Look: Blue Metallic T-Bars

OMG! Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together and you find a gorgeous pair of shoes at an equally attractive price?

Check out these New Look beauties, now in the sale for just £12 and also available in pink:

Blue Shoes 3

New Look, Blue Metallic T-Bar Heels, £12

These little stunners are less than half price in the sale and available here.

Now there was a day when pretty much any t-bar shoe on the high street would fit me OK and with sandals, I just needed to go a size down to achieve the narrow fit I wanted. Those days are long gone and shoes in the UK seem to get wider and wider. Not these ones. These don’t seem to be from the usual, IMO incredibly wide, New Look mould. These are snug and I took my usual size. And I didn’t have to make more holes in the strap to secure them tightly enough.

£12. And in pink, too.

What are you waiting for? Pop these on with some blue skinnies and white top and you’ve got relaxed summer evenings having drinks with your mates absolutely nailed!

Much love x


Babycham Shoes

Hello, hello!

I recently posted that I had another lovely pair of t-bar shoes to share with you and today is the day that I will do just that! The shoes I’ll show you are Babycham shoes and although I’d heard of the brand, I’d never owned any of their shoes. Then I was browsing the House of Fraser website and spotted a pair that I fell in love with and decided to dig a bit deeper.

To me, Babycham is a slightly more reserved version of Irregular Choice, with the huge bonus that they make their shoes much narrower than the IC beauties I can never wear. Here’s the shoe I fell in love with:

Babycham, Kimberly Rose

Babycham, Kimberly Rose

The Kimberly Rose design is from a previous season so it’s not available on the Babycham site but if you give it a Google, you’ll find various sizes still available from various vendors and they’re so worth it. I received loads of compliments when I first wore my pair 🙂 Currently on their website, Babycham have two t-bar designs and this one is one I absolutely love:

Babycham Kimberly Stripe, £60,

Babycham Kimberly Stripe, £60,

There’s just something about this bold, girly, nautical shoe that makes me smile. Eye catching but elegant at the same time. Fit-wise, I found this Kimberly style to be perfectly narrow across the front and then I added one extra hole into the strap to make it slightly tighter further up the foot.

I wore mine for a whole day and spent a reasonable amount of time on my feet and they were really comfortable. The heel isn’t too high and because it’s a bit chunky, these shoes are very easy to walk in. So all in all, this is my latest brand crush and I wanted to share with all of you narrow footed lovelies in case it’s been hanging just off your radar as well…you’re missing out!

Happy shopping x