Big Budget vs. Little Budget: Leopard Loafers

Hello, hello!

Recently I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of leopard loafers and have bought two pairs which I think are both worthy of review, for different reasons.

First up, we have this stunning pair from Russell & Bromley:

Russell & Bromley

Russell & Bromley, Casanova, £225

Now I don’t know about you but the combination of the leopard with the bow makes these just about the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen. And flat too, so they’re totally practical.

The great thing about increasing the budget to Russell & Bromley levels is that you can buy half sizes and I personally know I am slap bang on a 6.5, which is almost impossible to find! If you are buying them, their website says they fit big, I disagree and would say take your usual size. If like me you find one size too small and one to large in cheaper shops, pick the half size in the middle.

These beauties are great for narrow feet as they’re nice and snug around the toe box and the shoe comes high up the foot so you instantly feel safer. However, because they are so well made, the back of the shoe is quite firm. I have bony, annoyingly skinny heels (bony knees too – grrr…) which means that I get instant blisters from shoes that are so firm at the back.

With a cheaper pair, I’d take the gamble on breaking them in but at that price, for me they had to go back. I am still crying about that now! If you’re heels are less bony and you tend not to find heel rubbing an issue, please buy these and love them with all your heart.

So, on my search continued and my next stop was these beauts from Dune:

Dune Leopard

Dune, Gracious, £75

At a mere £75, these are a total bargain compared to the previous pair! You can see and feel that they’re not the same quality but equally, they aren’t Primark shoes that will fall apart as quickly as you fall in love with them.

These are plasticy on the inside, so the heel area is much softer. The shoe itself is wider but again, the front comes up high, and is relatively snug so your foot is held in place. I bought these in a 7. If Dune did 6.5, I reckon they’d fit as well as the previous pair but sadly they only deal in whole numbers. Sometimes a girl needs a half. (Carrie Bradshaw, anyone???)

I’ve gambled on these and added some heel snugs at the back. They push my feet forward so they’re right at the front of the shoe, but there was a little spare space anyway so that’s ok. I’ll let you know how I get on longer term but right now, I think these could be my winners.

Anyone else had any leopard loafer wins? x


Shoeaholics: Nine West Trenti Loafers

If you’ve never heard of Shoeaholics, you should have. It’s not that they specialise in narrow shoes, it’s just that they sell expensive high street shoes at lower prices. It’s run by Kurt Geiger and you can find some awesome brands on there. The shoes are from previous seasons or are ex-display from the shops and that’s why they’re so cheap. I’ve bought a few pairs of shoes from here, never spent more than £40 and in return I’ve had some beautiful shoes.

A pair which has caught my eye recently are these Nine West loafers, elasticated for the narrow foot and reduced from £95 to £19! They come in tan too but they’ve only got 1 size left of that colour so I’ll show you the black which is available in most sizes. I’m about to order my pair now 🙂

Trenti, £19, Nine West / Shoeaholics

Trenti, £19, Nine West / Shoeaholics

The leather just looks soooooooooo soft! If you want to grab yourself a pair, here’s the link to do so! x

Latest Brand: Cocorose London

If you’re as eagle-eyed as me, you might have spotted this brand on the House of Fraser website but if not, I reckon the chances are you won’t have heard of Cocorose.

There I was merrily searching for some new ballet flats when I stumbled upon this brand. They do some awesome designs of both the more traditional ballet style pump and the slipper style pumps and they come in a bit cheaper than Pretty Ballerinas. I highly recommend you check out their website because most of their shoes are foldable and therefore elasticated. Here’s their site.

Here are some of my favourites from their current collection:

Farringdon Patchwork Dalmation, £105, Cocorose London

Farringdon Patchwork Dalmation, £105, Cocorose London

Knightsbridge Black, £48, Cocorose London

Knightsbridge Black, £48, Cocorose London

Balham Leopard and Pink, £48, Cocorose London

Balham Leopard and Pink, £48, Cocorose London

Just look how gorgeous they all are and £48 for a decent pair of pumps really is nothing. Check them out now!!! x

Ballet Flats: Bloch

One of my favourite shoe brands is Bloch, the same brand that make ballet shoes, etc. I discovered them a couple of years ago by accident and ordered a pair that were in the sale. They quickly became my favourite, most comfortable pair of shoes and I have since bought a couple more pairs which I virtually live in.

There are a few styles of Bloch flats and each comes in a wide variety of colours; so far only one style really fits me well so I tend to stick to those. The great thing is that whilst they are elasticated pumps, the shoes themselves are really narrow anyway so the elastic isn’t really strong and doesn’t dig into your heels like it can with other, ruched styles.

Bloch shoes are real leather and have a suede-like inside so it’s like putting your foot into cotton wool when you get a brand new pair. They also come in loads of sizes as they do half sizes on European sizes. For instance, I usually wear a 40 but with these I can take a 39.5 🙂

Here’s a picture of the style I love, in a colour that’s new for this season:

Bloch Rose St Laurent Luxury Ballet Flat Shoes, £130

Bloch Rose St Laurent Luxury Ballet Flat Shoes, £130

These beauties are available on the Bloch website, They are a bit pricey but I personally think that for the comfort they provide, they are really worth it. Plus they’re flat and if you’re anything like me, that means you’ll wear them loads so the price per wear becomes much more reasonable.

If you have any suggestions for narrow, flat shoes just let me know! x